Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thirteen Years

Yesterday was the celebration of an event that had a profound impact on this family. It was the thirteenth anniversary of the death of Elita. Parts of it are still so vivid to this day. I remember holding her in my arms for the first time in over two weeks after she had been extubated. Her body was relaxed for the first time since he heart arrested on October 27, 1997. I was just siting in the chair holding her while I was eating a hamburger that her Aunt Linda had brought up to me. Midway through the burger, her breathing started getting more shallow. When the nurse came by and checked, I asked if Elita might be starting to slip away and the nurse agreed. I held her close as her breaths got shorter and smaller until finally she just stopped. She slipped from the bonds of sickness, pain and discomfort into the outstretched arms of her heavenly father. To this day I question why.

A lot has happened since then. I will never know what might have happened if we had never gone to Ecuador and encountered Elita; if her heart had never been attacked by the virus; if she had survived and lived as a severely impaired individual; I will just never know. I had to trust God ( and keep on trusting Him to this day) that He has everything in control.

I do know this. If she had not died, it is very likely that we would not have moved to Ecuador for four years. We would not have fallen in love with little Michelle (a whole other adventure). We would not have adopted Michelle. Our hearts would not have been broken again by Michelle’s death. In grieving for Michelle, Sarah would not have met James. And today, I would not be celebrating the second birthday of Gracie. God is definitely Good. I am so blessed by my children and grandchildren. Both those here with us and those with our Father. Isaac, Emery, Gracie and Malachi you are a simple reminder to me of the goodness of our God and King. Thank you!